Telehealth-CDoc FAQs
Q: What is CDoc?
CDoc is an advanced telehealth application using video technology to let patients find and connect with healthcare provides.
Q: Where can I download?
You may download from Apple Store or Google Play.
Q: Is it free?
Yes! It's completely free to use!
Q: What is Telehealth?
Telehealth, also known as virtual health or Mobile Health, uses remote service technologies to offer affordable, accessible care for patients outside the office or hospital.
Q: How does Telehealth work?
Video technologies enable patients to have comprehensive virtual access to their doctors, more than a telephone call ever can. Devices are used to monitor and record patient’s vitals to let providers see the most accurate and up-to-date data at any time. Telehealth delivers real time care to you from home.
Q: How do doctors get paid? (telehealth reimbursement)
Reimbursement guidelines are in a constant state of change and can vary by state, practice and payer. You may schedule a demo with us. Our highly trained product expert will help you to answer your questions.
Q: What else can it do?
Telehealth is more than just remote clinical care. It can also be used for:
1. Home monitoring
2. Addiction support
3. Medical education
Q: What is EHR?
An EHR system has all of the following functionalities: patient history and demographics, patient problem lists, clinical notes, comprehensive list of patients' medications and allergies, computerized orders for prescriptions, and ability to view laboratory and imaging results electronically. CyberMed EHR also supports telehealth integration.
Q: What is MIPS?
In health care, MIPS stands for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System, a new medical reimbursement framework.
CyberMed EHR system supports CMS medicare MIPS reports.
Q: What is CyberMed EHR certification?
Drummond certified 2015 edition. ONC certified HIT 2015 edition. CIO 10 most promising EMR-EHR solution providers 2017.
Q: How does billing work with CyberMed EHR?
The integration of EHR & medical billing comes with numerous benefits. You may schedule a demo with us. Our highly trained product expert will help you to answer your questions about EHR.
Patient Portal FAQs
Q: What is patient portal?
Patient Portal is a safe and secure website that will allow patients to access certain parts of their medical records.
Patient portal allows you to:
1. Manage your health 24/7
2. Access to your own medical records
3. Make appointment with your doctors online
4. View your latest lab results conveniently.
Q: Where can I register?
Patients who wish to participate will be issued an account during their clinic visit. Please contact your primary doctor for additional information.
Q: Is it free?
Yes! It’s completely free to use!

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